This is More Like It: Fletcher Place Terrace

This is the second of a two-part series on responsible land use in Center Township. This relatively new structure also happens to sit on an odd-shaped lot, located on College Avenue in Fletcher Place:

The building, known as Fletcher Place Terrace, currently houses a law firm and 6 apartment units. I won’t speak to the Comic Sans font on the firm’s logo (ok, I just did). However, the designers did a nice job of constructing a new building that actually looks new, and yet not out of place with the surrounding neighborhood.

Yes, there are are a few parking spaces to the side and back. But they are unobtrusive in general. In addition, there is not parallel parking on the east side of College Avenue in this section of Fletcher Place, so this small lot was probably unavoidable.  The windows let in a good amount of light, and it feels welcoming to the visitor or pedestrian.

I can’t wait to see more from Blackline Studio.  They have the right people involved.  The Fletcher Arts proposal has grown on me, after a much-needed 2nd redesign.  Let’s see more creative land use solutions, and less plopping of boxes in a sea of asphalt.

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  • the comic sans on that sign is KILLING me, but I definitely dig this development! hope to see the spots fill up with useful businesses for the neighborhood!

  • The entire project is 100% occupied. The commercial space in this building is leased by a law office. The rest of the building is apartments

  • This was one of the easiest commercial spaces I have leased, it was leased in record time. Craig and Todd are a pleasure to work with and I really hope to see more of this product in the area. 😉 PVA did a great job on the design and I fielded a ton of calls with kudos to the developer. Bravo!

  • It’s proof that developments like this is what Indy needs. Great infill that fits in with the neighborhood and adds some density…if not much. The more we see ths type of development, downtown will become more livable…and in a sense sustainable, in a practical way.

  • Alright, alright, I am good sport. When we picked out the font, the consensus was the lettering matched the whimsical nature of the building. I will commit to sticking with my day job – civil litigation – and staying away from exterior design!! Ha! The building’s interior design is great. The interior is now decked out with abstract paintings by artist Marco Zehrung. The firm is hosting each First Friday in 2011 from 5:30 to 8. Feel free to stop in!!! We have five artists featured from the Art Bank on Mass Ave. Take care, Paul Mullin (Lewis And Wilkins LLP)

    • That’s awesome that you picked out a font based on the architecture of the buildings. It seems like it “spoke” to you, in a sense. I can imagine there are many other buildings that would not have inspired such a bold move, but it’s nice to see something a bit different here.

    • Thanks for stopping by, and for the good humor Paul.

    • Paul – You rock! I’ll get over the whole comic sans thing. LOL. I’ll send you a funny photo I have that says “Ban Comic Sans” you’ll get a kick out of it.

      Heck, you may be the very person to bring that font back to life!!!


  • Nice development. Similar site and design as portions of Lockefield Gardens on Indiana Ave. south of 10th.

  • I am actually responding to some comments you made in another article regarding Down Indianapolis’s entertainment districts. You mention that Indianapolis should look to other cities for possibilities but should develop what’s most suited for Indianapolis. Hear! Hear!

    I am originally from the Midwest…..Mpls……but had lost touch. However, recently I began reading what’s happening with Midwest Metros…… particularly Detroit but other metros as well. I have been real happy to see the change of spirit and the improving fortunes of many of those cities. However, one thing that bothers me is this constant looking over one’s shoulder to see what’s happening with other cities particularly those on the coast and trying to mimic projects in those cities. Get over it! Seriously!

    I now live in Seattle. Seattle builds what makes Seattle happy; not what makes NYC happy. Same with Portland or SFO or Boston or Miami. In my experience those cities that develop as they see fit……that reflects what they like and admire tend to be the most successful and the most exciting cities to visit. Indianapolis has had a number of successes; it has reason to be proud. So I think you all should create Indianapolis in your image and not someone else’s. FWIW.

    BTW I like your blog.

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