Ice Storm 2011 strikes Indy, and Starbucks shovels its walk

Shoveled walk in Broad Ripple (image source: my iphone modified in lightroom)
Shoveled walk in Broad Ripple (image source: my iphone modified in lightroom)

Well, the notorious ice storm of 2011 has come and well… it’s sort of still here. My office has been out for 2 days now, yet I still managed to make it to Broad Ripple village to get coffee and things for the family. I was particularly impressed by what I have shown in the picture in this post. Starbucks, managed to keep the sidewalk scraped in it’s part of the village. It may be covered over by now since the second wave of ice came though last night, but at the midpoint yesterday, I was surprised to see it safe to traverse the area. Anyone else have examples of responsible property owners around Indy clearing their sidewalks?

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  • Good News Ministries on East Wasington Street did a fantastic job of keeping their walks clear. It is a homeless shelter and I think the homeless guys there do the work, but nonetheless, they worked hard to keep it clear.

  • Citizens Energy and WISH TV both have their sidewalks cleared.

  • Glad to see that other people are reporting local businesses who salted/shoveled. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s corporate policy for Starbucks, and not just the decision of a franchisee. How about the Mom and Pops in Broad Ripple; did they keep it clean?

  • I saw people shoveling the walk in front of Chumleys. They must be anticipating cabin fever gripping people

  • Took the wife to Greenwood Park Mall so she could return some things at JC Penney. Just the areas outside the biggest stores was down to concrete. The rest is still ice.

  • Hey Brother, I think I’m the only resident in Connersville that broke up the ice on my front walkway! Glad to see Starbucks thought of their customers.

    • There aren’t very many sidewalks in C’ville Lori so its good to hear you cleaned yours. My paper route was 3rd street hill when I carried the News Examiner…wish folks had shoveled their walks those days!
      Spartan Class of ’77

  • Just returned home from Scotty’s Thr3e Wise Men…sidewalks were clear. Props.

  • Props to the Federal Building, Regions Bank, Green Way Supply, and The Great Frame up on North Delaware Street, as well as Central Library. They may be the only ones in the neighborhood who’ve bothered so far (as of late Thursday morning).

    The Cultural Trail is still a covered-solid bobsled track.

    Somehow IUPUI is still crazy enough to expect students to walk to and from class tonight — in the dark! — on this ice.

  • In Irvington, the mom and pops do a better job than the major corporations. This ice is a tough issue to address and so I can’t really complain about the timeliness of this cleanup. Removing ice is a tough, labor-intensive task and is a once a decade occurrence, if that, in this intensity.

    Still, during previous snows this season, I have noted that locally owned businesses, such as the Irving Theater, Lazy Daze, and the businesses on the south side of Washington between Ritter and Audubon, have done a great job on their sidewalks. Walgreen’s and the plasma center, on the other hand, have cleared their parking lots but have made no effort to clear the public sidewalks on the perimeter of their properties.

  • Several times this winter I’ve noticed crews out clearing the cultural trail around IUPUI after big snows. I’m wondering if the ice causes a bigger problem there, because the pavers would be more susceptible to damage than concrete sidewalks.

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