The Di Rimini Code Violation Saga Rolls On

Just when you thought we’d gotten to the end of The Di Rimini code violation list, it’s time to tack on another.  Apparently the owner not only chose to violate a city order forbidding occupancy of the building — word is that several tenants have already been moved in — but they have now been cited by the Indiana State Fire Marshal for violations of the 2008 Indiana Building Code.  Four violations are listed, most seriously the failure to install a required sprinkler system in the building.  They also did not install required fire separations, eliminated a fourth floor exit, and installed stairs with non-compliant width and rise.  The following order has been posted on the building:

Criminally negligent or just seriously stupid, either way this developer is a piece of work.  How do you think this saga will (or should) resolve?

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  • Someone needs to knock on these people’s door and explain the risk to their lives this careless builder has put them in.

  • It’s not about a bad-looking building any more. Apparently more corners were cut than just eliminating some windows and tacked-on detail.

  • OK after i and maybe a few others tried to give this developer a break more so with the second renderings that is, turns out he has not only put some people into this place , but has also violated a few major fire codes and city laws , my opion on this project has now turned to just tear it down and redo it , and do it right and even better than his first proposol.

  • Adding a sprinkler system, fire separation walls, and exit corridors is not an easy thing to do at this point. This is a textbook example of how not to manage an urban development project.

  • I think the developer should apolagize to the city and its leaders for this, Tear it down and build or go for a high rise type , an 11 to 20 story mixed use tower or towers one across from the other would go great compleat with first level restaurants and a coffee shop , He could totally change that area of downtown with a new super cool look/image and repair his name in town from a low F to a AAA+ when speaking of developers and their projects. I would also recommend he take notes from the developers of the new and soon to be built North of South project ,and how they are going to change/give that area a newer super cool look .

  • At this point, I wouldn’t trust the developer to design a dog house for me, let alone a high rise or another pile of cardboard boxes

  • To Curt and others I under the anger at or with the developer for this bad project of his, And yes he and any other developer that has plans for development in downtown Indy, and around this city needs to know on thing, and that is bad development or plain looking development in Indy is played out,over done, and no more, Just look at the JW,convention c. ,LOS ,the bank reclad, north of south , the mass ave 10 story tower , cosmo on the canel , and a few others and you see that bad development in Indy is out . But because we are human and we all make mistakes at some point in our lives, We humans also beleave in given someone a second chance Now thats a super cool word in our human lives.

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