MDC Hearing Results – August 18

See below for the Commission Rulings of the August 18th MDC Hearing. Cases with public hearings and full staff reports will always be reported here. For the results of all other cases before the MDC on August 18th, see this document.

Address: 5735 Birtz Road (Approximate Address)
Township: Lawrence
Case: Modification of the D-P statement for 2007-ZON-046 to modify Sections 3.2.7 and 2.3.1 to provide for building lines of 27 and 22 feet from the back of the curb of Birtz Road and Hawkins venue, respectively, with less than 80% of the building’s public face on the build-to line (required build-to line of 20 feet from the back of curb required, with at least 80% of the building’s public face on the required build-to line) and to modify Section 3.2.8 to provide for a maximum ground floor area of 15,950 square feet (maximum ground floor area of 15,000 square feet required).
Staff Recommendation: Approval
Commission Ruling: Approved

Address: 3801-4005 Meadows Dr. and 3805-3806 Dearborn St.
Township: Washington
Case: Rezoning of 101.9 acres, from the D-8 (W-5), D-9 (W-5), SU-2 (W-5), C-4 (W-5) and C-S (W-5) Districts, to the D-P (W-5) classification to provide for:

  1. single-family, two-family and multi-family residential uses,
  2. commercial uses permitted within the C-1, C-3 and C-4 Districts,
  3. special and institutional uses permitted within the SU-1, SU-2, SU-6, SU-7, SU-9, SU-37, SU-38, SU-39 Districts,
  4. mixed-use areas of residential and commercial in the same building as well as Live/work units, including light manufacturing and assembly and residential, commercial and institutional uses within the same building and
  5. uses permitted within the SU-3 and SU-9 Districts and agricultural uses, including a community garden and the sale of products produced therein.

Staff Recommendation: Approval
Commission Ruling: Approved

Siteplan for this project, included in the staff report.

Urban Indy Note: This development is to be called The East Village at Avondale. The details in this case report appear quite exciting and you can be sure that we will keep you up to date as the project gets underway this fall. Construction will reportedly to begin in October.

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  • By coincidence, I was on East 38th Street last night. The new apartments directly to the east of the Meadows look relatively decent, and the landscaping in particular looked quite nice.

    This new project is huge. The commercial development looks like a standard box store set back from the street behind a parking lot, which saddens me. However, the housing units look logically placed.

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