MDC Hearing Results – August 4th

See below for the Commission Rulings of the August 4th MDC Hearing.  Cases with public hearings and full staff reports will always be reported here.  For the results of all other cases before the MDC on August 4th, see this document.

Address: 7301 E. 46th St.
Township: Lawrence
Case: Variance of development standards of the Sign Regulations to provide for an 80-foot tall, 14 by 48-foot digital outdoor advertising sign (digital outdoor advertising signs are not permitted),

  1. being 160 feet from a protected district (600-foot separation required
    from protected districts for electronic variable message signs), and
  2. with the digital sign being 100% of the total sign area (maximum 40%

Staff Recommendation: Denial
Commission Ruling: Continued to 11/3/10 without notice.

Address: 7402 N. College Ave.
Township: Washington
Case: Variance of Development Standards of the Dwelling Districts Zoning Ordinance to provide for eleven lots with a minimum 20-foot front yard setback (minimum front yard setback in the Meridian Hills R-2 District is required to be the lesser of 40% of the average lot depth on the block or 75 feet).
Staff Recommendation: Approval
Commission Ruling: Approved

7402 N College Ave
An overview of the development site, College Ave. at right, Park Ave. at left.


Address: 3801-4005 Meadows Dr. and 3805-3806 Dearborn St.
Township: Washington
Case: Rezoning of 101.9 acres, from the D-8 (W-5), D-9 (W-5), SU-2 (W-5), C-4 (W-5) and C-S (W-5) Districts, to the D-P (W-5) classification to provide for:

  1. single-family, two-family and multi-family residential uses,
  2. commercial uses permitted within the C-1, C-3 and C-4 Districts,
  3. special and institutional uses permitted within the SU-1, SU-2, SU-6, SU-7, SU-9, SU-37, SU-38, SU-39 Districts,
  4. mixed-use areas of residential and commercial in the same building as well as Live/work units, including light manufacturing and assembly and residential, commercial and institutional uses within the same building and
  5. uses permitted within the SU-3 and SU-9 Districts and agricultural uses, including a community garden and the sale of products produced therein.

Staff Recommendation: This case should be continued from the August 4, 2010 meeting of the Metropolitan Development Commission to the August 18, 2010 meeting of the Metropolitan Development Commission to allow for clarification relative to the submitted legal description, as well as evaluation of additionally requested information.
Commission Ruling: Continued to 8/18/10 without notice.

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  • Lets see, they approved the mowing down of wooded area and the progress of suburban type development, yet did not approve a project that would revive a troubled area?

    Is that really going in where Marott park is????

    *scratching head*

    • Curt, it’s north of Park Tudor…other side of College from Marott Park.

      Proof of one thing: they’re not making any more land in Williams Creek. What’s there is valuable enough to knock down an old house and subdivide at a profit…that will most certainly not be a vinyl village of $130K homes.

      The goofy thing is…there was a home on the site with driveway access from Park Ave.!!!

  • Yeah I meant to say across the street from Marott…

  • Is that the subdivision without sidewalks?

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