Fountain Square was Buzzing on First Friday

Fountain Square’s business district has come quite a long way since my first visit less than a decade ago. There is much more to the neighborhood than restaurants, but they are a decent indicator of the change that has taken place there. If I recall correctly, here is a list of the restaurants that were around on that first visit:

Santorini’s, in the building across from Fountain Square Theatre
Fountain Square Diner
A place called Something Different
J.S. Reutz Café (which has re-opened on Prospect 7 years later)
That 936 Bistro place where Siam Square is now

That’s all I can think of at this moment, but I’m sure I’m missing something. Regardless, listing all of the eateries that are in Fountain Square presently is almost a silly idea.

There seems to be a palpable sense of optimism in the square. How many other places in town can you eat a fantastic mid-priced meal (in last Friday’s case, Santorini’s), then hit up a contemporary art museum displaying the architecture of Indy’s home grown Modernist, head upstairs to listen to a hip hop DJ, and then across the street to a Caberet? The answer to that is zero. It’s all happening in Fountain Square.

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  • I love going to Santorini's

  • Across the street from the Theater is Maria's pizza which is excellent. Santorini's is down the street a couple blocks.

  • "That 936 Place" was actually one of the best restaurants in town. We're a bit poorer for losing it and its sister restaurant, Peters.

    But it is nice to see Fountain Square getting more traction with the varied offerings it currently has.

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