Pedal Indy Impressions

On Saturday, I joined Indy Cog for Pedal Indy, and had a great time as expected. One of my favorite aspects of this ride was the diversity of the bicycles people brought to the event. I have a comfort bike, complete with (completely unnecessary in Indianapolis) 21 speeds, but I didn’t feel out of place at all among the fixed gears, road bikes, mountain bikes, and various other types. Indy Cog has done a fine job of appealing to the broad assortment of cyclists out there, and instead of promoting themselves toward a particular style, they have focused on the more important battle: the one for improving cycling infrastructure in the city. With the head of Indy’s Bike and Pedestrian Infrastructure Andy Lutz along for the ride, the city is paying attention.

The event exceeded the organizer’s expectations: over 100 attendees were present. Discounted merchandise and free pizza and beer (with 5 dollar donation) is a sure-fire way to build a movement. I’m sure Indy Cog will post some pictures of the event soon, so be sure to keep checking there for more info.

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  • Im glad that this turned out well. I wanted to attend but had to assist my wife on a photoshoot that lasted literally all day long. I felt a little better when I took the bike out later to run evening grocery errands though.

    Glad to hear you supported Kevin!

  • I am glad you hear that you had a great time, Kevin. It is refreshing to hear from someone who rode that the ride lived up to our hopes of being inclusive and diverse.

    Thanks for doing what you are doing, and I know we will see you on the road again soon.

  • Glad you enjoyed yourself, Kevin! I was overwhelmed by the support and numbers.

  • I saw you guys when I went past Upland on College. Quite a crowd!

    Wish I could have made the ride — maybe next time.

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