Nice article on repair shops in the Star

This article on repair shops around town touches on a topic that I have not yet covered. I admit I’m not always the best at looking to repair something and fall in to the common trap of planned obsolescence. With so many new goods available at our fingertips, and household items that are built cheaply, I often lose sight of the idea that I should value the quality items that I do have. Perhaps this will be my belated New Years Resolution: next time something that I value breaks or wears down, I’m going to first look to repair it before buying something new.

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  • Kevin, being that my wife does photography professionally, we have gotten into the habit of HAVING to repair things. The camera breaks down? Gotta have it fixed. Get dirt on the sensor? Gotta get it serviced. Personally, I milk all that I can. I feel like that guy in the commercials on the TV right now ringing that last drop of gasoline out of the line into his car. Gotta get all you can for the money you spend. Those new gadgets dont come cheaply, but they break easily.

  • That article was interesting but so limited by featuring only two options for repair – for example, your local dry cleaner can likely re-tailor clothing that isn't fitting well. There are ipod, nintendo, and mobile phone repair places too. Do your readers have specific ones to recommend?

  • I certainly agree that the article needs more choices. I thought about criticizing that aspect when I made this post.

    I am not sure about my personal recommendations at this point, I have yet to try it out.

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