Shelby Street

I took these pics on one of the hottest days of the year in late June. It was so hot that I had a difficult time dealing with it, so I stopped taking pictures. I’ve been holding on to them, thinking I would add to the collection. Well, as you can guess, I haven’t yet. Regardless, here they are. Here’s to thinking warm (but not absolutely swealtering) thoughts this Christmas:

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  • My best friend in high school used to live on Shelby Street right across from Garfield Park pretty close to where you took some of those pictures. Don't know if you noticed that there's a house there that is burnt up after having been in a fire. It was there a few years ago. Not sure if it still is.

    Anyway, it was January and my friend decided to grill out in the entryway to the house. As you well know, all those houses are around 100 years old and full of old dry wood. Needless to say, his house went up so fast it was lucky nobody was killed.

    Nice pictures by the way. Haven't lived in Indy for 10 years. It brings back some good memories (house fire not included).

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