East Market Street: Reopened

On Thursday, I revisited East Market Street, as the project had been completed. I started at East Street and walked towards the Holy Cross Neighborhood. Heidelberger Papers beat me to the punch in posting this, but the more the merrier, I say.

I like the benches and even the trash cans. The lamps don’t excite me much.
I love that the ivy on this building is completely red:
Intersection with Park:
Intersection with College, featuring new planters:
Planter close-up:
Newly painted railroad bridge:
Break on through, to the other side. The other side in this case meaning the other side of the Interstate. Intersection with Pine:

This neat house on East Market is now connected with downtown in a much more direct fashion:
I walked a block north and wondered if Ohio Street would be next to be connected:
I had no idea this stunner existed just outside of downtown. It’s the headquarters for Circle City Fencing:
Condo Project that looks stalled. Another surprise building for me:
Finally, I love the curved front of this structure at Ohio and Pine:

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  • Some really nice things were done on East Market Street; much calmer than six lane Washington Street. One thing I didn't catch is on shot #9, which is a break in the sidewalk on the southwest corner of Pine which then continues after the intersection. I believe there are a few places in the Holy Cross area that of a similar style of the surprise condos.

  • The break in the sidewalk was pretty annoying. I'm glad you mentioned it, because I forgot it.

  • They spend all this money and effort specifically to make Market St pedestrian friendly, and they leave a block-long gap in the sidewalk. Un-friggin-believable. Or at least I wish it were unbelievable.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with the Interstate off-ramp. Not that it's a good excuse, or made any sense…

  • Yeah, the lamps are rather uninspiring. It's unfortunate, too, that they seem to be becoming the city-wide standard. I know the exact same lamps are being used at the Cosmo and I'm almost positive there's another location that I saw recently but I'm blanking on it.

  • CorrND, I think the same lamps are used along 9th (backside of the library) and around The Ambassador.

    I noticed the sidewalk break too. It looks as if there's sidewalk on only one side under the interstate…is that the case?

    And what's with the "off ramp" at the right in the picture of the planters? Is that a "one-way-in" driveway apron to a corner building, or another of Indy's high-speed right-turn lanes?

  • That is indeed the case, cdc.

    I believe the curb cut you're talking about leads to a parking lot, because that is at College ave, which is Northbound only at this point.

  • cdc guy — YES! That's exactly it. I think they're installed all the way around the Central Library, actually.

    Thanks, that was killing me last night.

  • Those unfinished condos are absurdly overpriced for that location. last time I checked they were asking $349,000 for the privilege of being right on top of the Interstate and the train tracks.

  • The condos are right next to the interstate and train tracks…with unblocked skyline views, within easy walking distance of downtown.

    That sounds a little better, JC?

  • About the uninspiring lamps: Yes, they are the same used around the COSMO development; Yes, they seem to be claiming themselves as the city standard, unfortunately. And YES…HOW UNINSPIRING THEY ARE!!!

    I guess the city can take it's next little step and propose streetscape and design standards for each district, residential neighborhood, suburb, large municiple park…etc. I just hope the future of URBAN INDY stays true to itself and keep the suburban elements outside the Metro area. There should be a local design contest for neighborhood and district placemaking: 'Changing the Urban Perception/Experience Before 2012" —for both residents and outsiders, of course!

  • CDC Guy

    Might sounds better for a brochure, but the reality hasn't been improved.

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