Good Weekend Part II, the Fall version

Each year, it amazes me how some of the best events that the city has to offer fall on the same 2 weekends every year: one in the Spring, and one in the Fall. I don’t know if these events should be spread out more throughout the year, but I do know that it can be difficult to prioritize, and there’s been a few times where I had previous arrangements and had to take a big red X to my imaginary calendar. Still, if I am in town, it’s almost fun to try to do as much as possible. Here’s a quick list. If there’s anything else you know about that I’ve missed, feel free to mention them and I’ll try to add them.

  • Irish Fest takes place all weekend in Military Park.
  • Oranje is in an old warehouse at 2323 Illinois tomorrow night.

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  • That's so funny- we've noticed that too about the overbooked June weekend and overbooked September weekend. You'd think that these organizations would coordinate. 🙂

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