Play "spot the differences" with a building

One of the cool parts about waiting for the bus downtown is that the stop is located along a stretch of Delaware Avenue with varied, interesting buildings. My favorite is this one:

At first look, it’s repeats a pattern. However, there are many subtle differences within the facade. It’s basically a “spot the differences” game.

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  • Headstone missing at top

    Arrows spaced differently and different vents below each.

    Embellishments on the lefts said at the middle, but not on the left.

    Wow.. it keeps going.

  • My favorite part is the arrow spacing. I laughed when I first noticed that, because I swore I always thought they were the same. How many buildings are humorous?

  • Such an underappreciated stretch of architecture… I think my favorite one would be the black building that is now a Chinese fast food restaurant(I think). I suppose people would have more interest in this area if all the business by the CCB didn't all say something like, bail bonds, get out of jail, handgun permits typed, and of course the posters of wanted fugitives 🙂

  • I also love the little China King building. It looks like it's always been a Chinese restaurant.

    In a weird way, I think the "bail bonding district" has been preserved because those organizations have relatively little turnover. It's almost like getting into the funeral business: No matter what, there will always be a need for your services.

  • Is this building actually 2 built at different times? The limestone runner on the 2nd floor (between windows) is missing on the right side.

  • It's possible that the top left, bottom left, and bottom right were built first, with the top right added later. That's my amateur-ish guess.

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