West Newton, Moorsville, and Monrovia

Last night my wife and I ate dinner at Zydeco’s in Mooresville. The food was tasty. Here are some shots of the nearby region.

First, West Newton, an enclave in Indianapolis:

Next, Mooresville.

I liked that a few of the buildings had the first and last names on them:

Finally, the wife’s hometown, Monrovia. In the race between the two of us for the smallest hometown, her Monrovia wins against my Roanoke, 628 to 1,495:

They’re having a festival the weekend of September 12:
Nice new sidewalk infrastructure here at the corner next to this beautiful house:

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  • I was once told that West Newton was a Quaker settlement, but couldn't say for sure…

  • Yup. There's a Friends Cemetery in town, and a Friends church a mile north of town. Nearby in southern Hendricks County is Friendswood Road (and golf course). Mooresville has a Friends church, so there was quite a population of Quakers in this region.

  • Kevin, my grandfather was from Roanoke. I grew up farther north, up past Fort Wayne, but spent lots of time in Roanoke. 🙂

  • That's cool. My parents moved when I was 13 and I went to High School outside of Fort Wayne, so I claim both places (and sometimes even Huntington) as my hometown.

  • I've got Zydeco's on my short list of places to try. I'll stick to dessert at Grey's though. Their banana cream pie is a thing of beauty.

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