People for Urban Progress *UPDATE*

The Indy Cog has linked to a new non-profit organization known as People for Urban Progress, which seeks to link green urban design, cycling, and transit. Since this blog was founded on those principles 2 and a half years ago, I am smitten by this. Their project to recycle the RCA Dome fabric is brilliant. It’s easy for me to sit in my chair and talk about this stuff, but these people are working on carrying out their vision.

Update: I fixed their link in the text.

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  • Nice to see this organization taking a stronger advocacy role when state leadership consistently refuses to do so. I have yet to find any evidence of a documented plan for the adaptive re-use of the old airport terminal. If they demolish it, the fact that they will squander a chance at a good LEED certification seems like a small-fry problem compared to the embarrassing waste of resources. It doesn't appear that PUP has taken a stand on the airport; are you aware of anything?

    Btw, thanks for adding my blog to your list–I'll do the same for you as I get more familiar to blogging etiquette. This is my first real blog, so I'm fairly maladroit with construction and maintenance aspects.

  • Thanks, your blog is very cool.

    Anyways, I haven't heard much about the old airport. This organization does have a proposal to make the current airport more recycling-friendly.

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