Urban Farm Tour

I was lucky enough to attend last night’s urban farm tour put on by Slow Food Indy. With yesterday’s crazy weather, I was concerned that it might be rained out, but the weather cleared up just in time for the tour. In short, it was fantastic.
The tour started and ended at R Bistro. They have their own garden:

I love these little peppers:

Then we walked towards Cottage Home neighborhood. Had to get a random building shot:
We stopped at our first small farm:
Walking south on Dorman, there’s a neat little pedestrian bridge:

The next urban plot:

Finally, Big City Farms, along Michigan Street:

We headed back, stopping by Cottage Home’s community garden, and then ate at R Bistro:

On the way out, I decided this fine old building that barely survived the interstate highway deserved a photo:

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  • That looks like a very cool event- thanks for posting about it.

  • looks like a good crowd came out for this. glad it went well!

  • I frequently bike though much of the near east and northeast side and have noticed a large amount of small gardens within the neighborhoods. Cottage Home probably has the most I've seen, but Windsor Park, Brookside, and the surrounding communities have quite a bit as well.

  • Yes, the near east does contain a ton of these. The CSA we are a member of, Basic Roots, has a plot on Hamilton Ave near Woodruff Place, I believe.

    It would be cool for my neighborhood to have a community garden, as we don't have enough room or sunshine to have a garden at our house.

  • I wish I had known about this, looks like great fun!

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