Side Street City

I tend to focus my blog on the city’s corridors, as well as the odd neighborhood corner containing historic structures. However, I’d be willing to bet a majority of the people within the IPS district actually live in houses located on quiet side streets. And, in many cases, these are the streets that can carry with them a large burden of neglect and crime. It may be that the city simply can not handle the sheer volume of them to keep them all up-to-date, which is yet another drawback from our sprawl. We can’t count on outright miracles such as the Extreme Home Makeover project. Any lasting changes at the block levels may have to come either from within, or from a non-for-profit group willing to invest time and resources in them. I’d be interested to hear about these programs from the readers of this blog. Great stories are often the ones that are little-told.

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