Historic Enclave: Acton

Commenter JG fortold my next Historic enclave. I was in Acton early Easter Morning and took these pictures. Amazingly, there were 2 businesses open at 7 am Easter Morning: a diner, and a small grocery store.  This is the most prominent structure downtown:

I.O.O.F. buildings are always a crowd-pleaser:

The Address is still Indianapolis:

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  • Kind of reminds me of nearby Wanamaker, also along Southeastern Avenue in the middle of what looks like rural Indiana

  • Wanamaker has a pizza place that’s supposed to be good.

    We walked in to the diner in Acton to get some coffee. I think I heard a needle scrape across a record as we opened the door.

  • This place is a gem – complete with an “in-town” goat farm. I hope as Franklin township urbanizes, this place is able to remain quaint and maybe get some investment to restore the town.

  • I grew up in Acton and can tell you what these buildings once were

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