Unexpected bike lane: Westlane Road

On our way out to New Augusta last Saturday, we traveled down Westlane Road. I was quite surprised to find that it has a dedicated bike lane, complete with signs, running down a length of it. I didn’t catch the beginning or end points, but I would guess that it was over a mile long. Amazingly, I can not find much information about this bike lane on the web. So I thought I would mention it here. Another note: it did look slightly dangerous, as there was no sidewalk, and the edge of the lane trailed off into a ditch.

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  • I know that it exists from Michigan over to Ditch Rd, which is where Westlane becomes 71st. I’ve tried biking on 79th street from 465 to Ditch (work to home) and decided that I’ll never do that again. The NW side doesn’t seem to be too cyclist friend despite being so close to Eagle Creek Park.

  • When I-465 was rebuilt along the NW corner of the loop, they built dedicated underpasses for trails under the ramps, etc. I know there is one on 86th and possibly on 71st as well. I’m curious if this is related to the bike lane you reference because its only 1.5 miles to New Augusta.

  • Thanks KayGee. Westlane Road only runs from Michigan Road to Ditch. At Ditch, it becomes 73rd Street, before becoming 71st again at Meridian. Whoever named this street must be from Fort Wayne. They love constantly changing street names there.

  • Also, thanks for the info on the overpasses JG.

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