Unique places on the Southwest Side

The Southwest Side contains an interesting array of little-known places.

Here’s an Eritrean Orthodox church, on West Morris Street:

This is on the north side of the church:
This is a gorgeous Byzantine Catholic Church, on Blaine street:

A nearby former school:

This is St. John the Forerunner Orthodox Church, just a bit south on Blaine:

Just north of the church, a corner gem.  Yes, a tripod might be a good thing:
One block west.  I wasn’t planning on taking a picture of this place, but I can’t resist a sign like this:
Finally, perhaps the most unique place of all, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church on Division

My lame attempt at a Heidelberger Papers-type shot.  Notice the bus to the left.  This is very close to I-70:

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  • These are great pics, but the Orthodox churches on West 16th are true gems of the City. The same can be said for the Slovenian Catholic Church on Warman. While none stun from the sidewalk, the interiors transport visitors to the halcyon days of Indianapolis’ industrial boom.

  • This goes to show you that the Southwest side has some ethnic diversity, as does the Northwest side; lots or cultural and historic charm. Like the adventurous spirit of the last shot…Rule of Thirds be damned is what I say…Ha! Ha! 😉

  • Anon: You’re getting ahead of me! I was planning on getting those next time. I will need more courage to step inside, though.

    MH: I don’t even know what the rule of thirds is.

  • I have been told the Eritrean Orthodox church historically at least was St. George's Episcopal Church, which closed its doors about 50 years ago (I presume the diocese sold the building based on what I've been told).

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