Places with Atmosphere, Part II

Well, the first post took off more than I expected, so I feel that I should post a follow-up.  I didn’t mean for the list to be exhaustive, and I also feared a North Side bias.  However, I agree with most of the choices of the responders, and many of them are on the North Side.  Without further ado, Part II of Places with Atmosphere:

Shallo’s.  Yes, it’s difficult to find.  Yes, it’s in a part of town that I avoid at all costs.  However, they have succeeded in creating a place worth the effort.
Brugge.  Get there early.  Drink good beer and eat good fries.  One of my favorite places in town.
Ralph’s Great Divide.  Perfect for cold weather.  Cheesy potato soup is a must-have.

Mama Carolla’s.  In an old “show house” from the 20’s, with tiny little rooms.  Great place for date night.
Greek Islands.  It wasn’t suggested by anyone, but it deserves mention.  When they light the cheese on fire, the fire can reach the dangling decorations.  What’s wrong with a little danger with your meal?
Slippery Noodle.  It’s amazing that I’d forgotten about this place.
Melody Inn.  History: Check.  Fun: Check.  Driftwood chandelier: Check.  Don’t forget to check out the back room if you need some space for a while.
Northside News.   Best selection of magazines in town.
Duckpin Bowling.  Of course!  I went there on my wedding day.  So fun.
Sleepy Hollow.  Just found out this gem of a store in Irvington is closing in 2 weeks.  Get there before it does.  Sad.
Book Mama’s.  Used books in a cool old place, and with a neat basement concert venue to boot.
Chatterbox. I’ve mentioned it before, but this place just adds layers of character. 

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  • I like Shallows as well; too bad it is in an up-and-coming Fisher/Castleton type area…One place I do like that is also on the far-south side is the Acropolis in Southport. A friendly environment with good food, and will also ignite cheese on demand!

    Has anyone been by that Hookah bar on Madison Avenue near Garfield Park and Manual HS? Sadly, I have lived in close proximity to this place for the past few years, but have never given it a try.

  • I’m not familiar with either of those places. Good to know of a Greek place on the Southside.

  • One of the downtown hotel concierges was quoted in Sunday’s Star as recommending Mama Carolla’s.

  • Nice indy blog.

    1) Sakura (best price for great sushi).
    2) Thai Taste (what a menu, everything we tried was good so far)
    3) Tata Cuban Cafe (love the plantains)

    On a different topic, I have am trying to design a rainwater capture system, maybe with drip irrigation to a kitchen garden.

    I am wondering if a group exists that could help each other with sustainability projects like the example above in Indianapolis.


  • Thanks! There’s a website that started recently known as Indy Tilth that might be able to help you. Also, Green Way Supply has rain barrels in stock.

  • I live out of town now, and though I don’t get there enough – Edelweiss is a favorite of mine for atmosphere.

    I also enjoy Nicky Blaines for the perfect cocktail. You pay the price for that said cocktail, but sometimes I just want get dressed up, drink espresso martinis and people watch. I’d feel silly anywhere else.

  • Did you hear that Northside News is closing the news stand portion of their business? Too bad. BTW, I work at The Star and I was wondering if you'd consider submitting these reviews to our new StreetCred section on They're short & sweet, a perfect fit for StreetCred. You can check out the site here

  • Yes, Northside News closing their newsstand is quite sad. As for your offer, I might join in at a later date. Thanks.

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