Proposal at 22nd and Delaware

It’s been over a month since this blog has had a picture, and I haven’t been using my camera recently. I thought this rendering of the project at 22nd and Delaware was worthy of featuring.

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  • I like the use of the greenery, especially the roof.

  • I also noticed that roof. I like that it’s modern-looking, and possibly unique to the city.

  • Looks nice. I’d prefer if it engaged 22nd St. a little better. That’s the real commercial corridor, not Delaware. What’s that black thing anyway?

  • I think that’s either a loading-dock screen (parking is in the rear), or an outdoor sales enclosure for the hoped-for Ace Hardware tenant.

    CorrND, now that you mention it, I think it might be better to turn this 90 degrees counterclockwise and put the tower element on the corner and the big dark part back by the alley.

    But it is an awesome modern interpretation of mid-century design. Way cool: the Jetsons meet the Obamas.

  • I hope this ages well.
    I do not have too much faith in that because it does not really design itself to last.
    It is based off a current ‘cutting edge’ design.
    I really hope this does not become an eyesore in the future, but I do not have a lot of faith.
    I welcome the density though. Indy needs more density.

  • Not so much. Too generic and could be dropped into any lot in town.

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