Randomly Miscellaneous, Part II for January

And here I thought it would be a slow month. It seems like relevant material has been coming fast and furious, so here’s a new rundown.

  • A new Task Force has been created to formulate a plan for Transit in Central Indiana.
  • Mass Ave may get one of its “missing teeth” filled in, next to the Barton Tower.
  • The Print version of Urban Times is out, and it’s a doozy. Renderings for the mixed-use project at the East End of Mass Ave are included.
  • The Calendar has been populated with a boatload of upcoming events. I would recommend that users click on the bottom of the calendar in order to better view the options.
  • So, this is what people with less fear than I do can accomplish.

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  • Post the renderings for us who can’t get a print copy of the Urban Times. Please?

  • I’d have to scan a copy. I’ll do that if the don’t post the renderings on line when they update their webpage.

    I’m not sure what to think of them. They’re better than what’s there, that’s for sure.

  • Hey Kevin- drop us an email (there’s a link in our right margin to it) if you get a chance. There’s a dinner scheduled in Feb. with some fellow bloggers that we would like to invite you to (we just don’t won’t to put all the details here). Thanks.

  • Does anyone know what the buildings on that Mass/New Jersey/Michigan intersection looked like before Barton? Based on old aerial photos, it appears that most of the carnage was between 1962 and 1972. In 1962, that part of Mass Avenue and the area east of East Street (where the new Lockerbie Something condos are now being built) was pretty dense with buildings, but by 1972 the Barton Tower, the fire station, and tons of surface parking had taken over. It appears there was some sort of flatiron-style building on the lot that is to be redeveloped. Those buildings did not fare well here, did they?

    It’s not all grim in looking at those aerial shots. In 1962, the City Market block had surface parking on what now is Whistler Plaza/the west wing of the Market, as well as on part of the area where 2 Market Square now stands.

  • Once upon a time, I searched the IHS’s Digital Image Library and wondered about the same thing. If you can find a capture of it, please post it here.

  • No luck. But what a depressing search. That was a hell of a block they knocked down for One Indiana Square.

  • No kidding John. The KofP is one of our most lamented gems.

    Over the weekend I saw an amazing sketch of the Indianapolis Brewing Company facility, which was over by Eli Lilly’s factory. All those gorgeous brick structures…gone.

  • Yep. I was familiar with the Pythian building, but there are some great shots on there of the southeast side of the street (it looks like Leon Tailoring was there) and looking southwest. Too bad.

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