Irvington Streetscape Project

On my visit to Irvington last year, I enjoyed the shops and restaurants, but noticed that Washington Street was a barrier for the neighborhood. I thought at the time that the traffic should be calmed in order to create a more cohesive street. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the Irvington Development Organization has thought the same thing. 4 years ago, they released a streetscape project that is still asking for funding. If a reader has more information about the progress of this, please mention it in the comments.

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  • Thanks for the info, we have been looking at purchasing a home in Irvington and knowing that they are looking at an initiative like this is a positive factor in our decision making.

  • You’re welcome, I need to give a hat tip to a friend of mine who gave me this info. He’s also named Kevin. So, thanks Kevin.

  • I’m an Irvington resident and recently joined the streetscape committee, so I know a little about what is going on. The neighborhood has been awarded a major grant from the Feds, but still securing the last little bit of local funding required for these projects. The environmental study is mostly complete and things are progressing well. Don’t expect work to begin very soon, however, as there are always new obstacles when dealing with federal guidelines.

    Probably the best source of information on the project is the big signboard at Southwest corner of Washington and Audubon. This has the current funding goals, an aerial view of the street layout, and information about the new streetscape. I’m going to push for more online resources for our next meeting, I’ll keep you posted if I find out anything.

    Also, there is the nearby Emerson Gateway which will attempt a similar project between Washington and I-70. The Emerson gateway has some good sketches, so it’s easier to imagine the final result.

  • I forgot to link the last statement that IDO released regarding the streetscape and renovation of nearby apartments. This has a few more numbers in it for you so may be more useful…

    Eyes on Irvington NOV/DEC

    hope that helps…

  • Dang Graeme, that’s in the running for the comment of the year, and it’s only January 7th! Great stuff. Thank you.

  • Kevin, I posted an update on the Irvington Streetscape project on my website, feel free to review the info there and link or do your own write-up.

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