East Market Street

In a positive development, the ramp that connected East Market Street with the Interstate has been mostly removed. I am quite excited about the prospects for this portion of Market Street, and I think it was a brilliant idea to open this space up.  

The ramp to nowhere:
There are some nice brick structures on this street that have been basically ignored for decades:
The long view down Market:
Great old house:
Axis is probably pretty happy about the prospects of designing new projects in its own back yard:
The Maxwell, shot from behind some lovely razor wire and a substation:
These places can now breathe again:

Urbanophile has highlighted the problems with this project.  The biggest one is that the new off ramp onto Washington Street is much wider than needed.  It’s a huge shame that we didn’t think bigger with this project and make it pedestrian friendly in its entirety.

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  • Love some of the urban stock on that part of downtown. Also, the blue accents on top of the Maxwell are quite interesting. 🙂

  • Kevin I like your work on this blog and have enjoyed reading through the posts.

    I have been looking for a facility..in the downtown area…for a home gym for a youth basketball program (4th grade to 11th grade). If we can find the right building we are looking to build out the interior with basketball courts, locker room, weight room, classroom, etc.

    It would need to be a minimum of about 10,000 square feet (max of about 30,000) and would need to be at least 20 feet high.

    Kind of a longshot but you seem to have as good of a grasp of some of these areas as anybody. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on buildings that would work.

    I’ll check these comments for any response and will get you my email if that is easier.

    Thank you for any suggestions.

  • Sorry David, I really can’t help you there. Good luck in your search.

  • So many places that that haven’t seen direct sun light for years! Like so many other people, I will be watching what happens to this area with great interest in the next few years. Who knows, this might inspire something to be done about that atrocious banking operations center and the empty gravel lots in the area.

  • Ya, I like that East Market is a bit narrower than most downtown streets. You could see a village-type of character develop there.

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