Committee Organization to revitalize near East Side

This isn’t really news, but I do feel like it deserves its own post here. This may be the best part about the Super Bowl coming to Indy in 2012. As this blog has mentioned before, East 10th Street has a great deal of potential as a business corridor. The Community Center has a new Deli, Reutz’s, a former Fountain Square mainstay. I’ve also seen that a building for the Food Co-op has been secured, although I’m not sure if it would be on 10th.

The Super Bowl should also provide incentive for us to greatly improve our mass transit, but unfortunately I have not seen any positive momentum on this front, outside of the light rail (which would not be completed in time for the event).

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  • 10th Street already has a lot of good things going for it; its dense and diverse. This revitalization on the near east side will help ensure its future success.

  • The food coop is “this close” to securing a building on E. 10th. Soon!

  • I go to that area to buy motorcycle parts, it’s not bad at all. I absolutely love the old Lodge on 10th St that recently sold (I think). I am also looking forward to the new Food Co-op, keeping my fingers crossed.

    The practice center at Arsenal was a stroke of brilliance. If all goes as planned, I will be very happy to see continued investment in the Near Eastside.

  • Have you been to Reutz yet? We’ve been playing music there for a few weeks, the food is fabulous! I hope Geoff and his staff has great success there…they deserve it!

  • I haven’t been there yet, but I love a good deli.

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