The end of an Era

Today, the Indygo Board approved another fare hike. This was expected, even though it is sad. However, something I didn’t expect comes at the end of this article: The Red Line will now be a full fare service. As someone who works downtown but also works for IUPUI, this is highly disappointing. I viewed the free circulating buses as a huge step forward for public transportation in this city. So, so long free Red Line. I will miss you.

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  • IndyGo is a disaster, it needs to be COMPLETELY overhauled and fast. It’s really disappointing because having a good/reliable bus service in this city would be a real asset.

  • Higher and higher fares for shittier and shittier service. Sounds like the NYC subway in the 70’s when no one wanted to ride it. Except that IndyGo is already nearly useless and is just trying to become totally useless.

  • If Indianapolis really wants to build an environment where public transit is widely recognized as a valuable commodity, price hikes and reduction (or elimination) of routes is definitely not going to accomplish this goal. How is anyone going to accept the possibility of a viable infrastructure of mass transit when what little services we have in place keeps getting dumped on, neglected, or eliminated?

  • You guys are really nailing this issue home. It’s pretty sickening.

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