More from the Star on Transit

Two new articles on the Star about transit and walkability have popped up this morning. This, from a New Urbanism proponent, as well as this editorial.

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  • Who are these people who comment on these articles?

    I moved to Indy from Seattle and I am shocked at the fact that a vast majority of people here are opposed to mass transit.

    In those articles you posted I saw comments that ranged from “Why do we need to grow our population by a million people?” to “Mass transit to take people to what jobs?” The more people there are and the more nimble they can be are keys to growing a strong city. Connect the airport to downtown and Indy will be booked up with conferences. Connect Carmel and Fishers with downtown and people can chose to live in one and work in the other. My wife and I live downtown because we work downtown. When I lived in Chicago, I worked downtown and live about 5 miles out on an El line.

    Its not that hard.

  • I try to ignore the comments on the Star articles. They’re generally depressing. I don’t think the comments speak for a majority of people in the area, but instead they represent a very vocal minority of people who are against pretty much everything.

  • Agreed, I’m not too sure who those people are who comment on the Indy Star articles. I’m all for free speech and expressing your views, however comments on come close to taking away the integrity of the site.

  • When reading IndyStar articles you should not under any circumstances look at the comments. The comment boards are populated by the dregs of society. Personally, I’m fascinated by the number of posters there who don’t seem to know how to turn their caps lock off.

  • I also avoid the comments section, it is just depressing and does not represent the thoughts of Indianapolis residents. I recommend following the friendly links posted on blog’s like this one to expand your network rather than sorting through the comments posted in the open forums.

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