Straight Outta Dwell?

This new house is on Cornell Ave (just north of 16th Street). It reminds me of something that would be on the cover of Dwell Magazine? However, I’m not even close to a design expert.

What are your thoughts about this house?  I probably should have used low-light settings on my camera.  Hopefully you can get a good feel for it.

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  • I would probably like it more if it was in a denser area with other architecture types surrounding it.

    I also don’t like the window placements on the front.. However, I’m glad this house exists.

  • bhorg, this area did have a lot of room for new developments, for sure. The other houses on the street are in pretty poor condition.

  • Woah! I haven’t seen that one before. I like it because it has a traditional vernacular style with a contemporary take on it. Like the Frank house, it fits in in the Indianapolis context. I’ve got to check this out.

  • Wouldn’t this a unique neighborhood if a few more of these types of houses went up? As for the style, I’d say it interests me more than it appeals to me. Like bhorg said, I believe it would fit in better blending with other ambient architecture.

  • It looks like someone forgot to put siding on the front and all that is left is that black R-board that has the foil on the back of it. Not really my thing.

  • The first image makes it look like something out of a children’s book, like the house has all of the features of a face. See it?

  • Yes, I do see that a bit. There’s an old house across the street from my own that resembles a person…it’s pretty cool.

  • My husband would flip for this house! I haven’t seen many Dwell houses with pointed roofs like this one, but every other aspect definitely resembles one of their houses!

  • I was thinking about the pitched roof as well…I looked through Dwell’s website and did see a couple of them. They’re certainly in the minority, though.

  • I love this house. It’s right nearby us, and I’ve seen it go up. I think the scale and style fit the neighborhood well. The large windows on the top right corner I’m sure give a great view of downtown over the soccer fields and interstate to the south.

    This is one of three very modern, little houses within blocks of each other. One of them was featured in the Indy Star this past Sunday, around 20th St (can’t recall the cross street). The other is still going up on 16th St., and, incidentally, is right across the street from a nicely renovated historic firestation turned home.

    The key to this microcosm of modern design, I think, is that this neighborhood is just outside of IHPC boundaries, right beside the Monon, and the land prices are very cheap for downtown.

  • I’m always impressed with the thougtfulness and intelligent observations on this web site and particularly with this piece of residential architecture.

    I happen to like it too and agree that a few more of the same scale and volume would be a nice intergrating factor. The site also screams for landscaping, an essential element in the total package. I’m sure there were budget restrictions, so, maybe the rest will eventially come along.
    congratulations to the owners on braving the location and tradition.

  • I like that house… it would as you said look better with more around it.

  • Is this the one featured in the Sunday Star a couple of weeks ago?

  • Nope, that was in Herron-Morton, I believe.

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