Snapshot Part 2

This is the second (here’s the first) in an extremely intermittent series inspired by the book Suburban Nation. This photo is from the 2008 Aerial photography. Notice how much wider the residential street is than the main artery. Streets are developed this way for emergency management, unfortunately to the detriment of everyday living. And, add in that mindlessly wandering, confusing streets aren’t exactly the greatest for emergency management to begin with. At least the neighborhood has a sidewalk; but then, the walkers can’t really get anywhere useful.

Comments 3

  • And of course, the main artery has very limited sidewalks.

  • Suburban Nation is the handbook of the mayor of Carmel. I was fortunate to meet him and was given a copy. At IMPAC INDY and the Monumental Affair 2008,Christoper Leinberger the guest speaker stated that more than 80% of the new walkable urban areas are out in the affluent areas. Whether it is an edge city or Indy, we all need to bring our A games to prepare for the change that is upon us.

  • MH, I hadn’t noticed that, but that’s another great example of a very common sight. The sidewalk stops, and then starts again. I guess people need to learn how to levitate.

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