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Sorry for the light posting lately. I hope to have another “corner” post later in the week which will feature a fun little building.

  • A New Urbanism proponent will speak at A Monumental Affair on Thursday. Getting business leaders and the mayor on board with this is an important step. Now, about those zoning laws…..
  • Is it time for a “Green New Deal?” I say “yes, and hopefully it’s not coming too late.”
  • Drool. California leads the way on high speed rail.

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  • Actually, the new Regional Center Zoning Ordinance and the accompanying Design Guidelines do a pretty good job of pushing urbanism in the downtown core and the re-developing areas at the margins.

  • The downtown core should be good to go; however, I’d advocate for elimination of parking requirements.

  • The regional center guidelines only matter if they are adhered to. It seems that anyone who wants can get a variance if they want it.

  • The guidelines have only been in effect for a couple of months. It’s probably too soon to tell their effect, and with the recession turning off the spigot of real-estate funding, it will probably be a year or two before there is concrete evidence of how they’re applied.

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