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I have tried to avoid being overly political on this blog. I aim to appeal to people of all political persuasions, because I feel that the issues that I post about do not need to be seen through a partisan lens. However, I must say that the prospects for a sustainable Indianapolis have improved now that we will have a President who is a friend to transit, green power, and cities in general. I am proud of my state and city. I hope this moment is not just an end to an inherent anti-urban bias in our national politics; but that it is also a beginning towards a common realization that we really aren’t all that different from each other.

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  • It definitely is nice to have a pro-city administration taking over. I especially believe on transit all cities across the country will once again be able to move forward on transit infrastructure projects that have been literally derailed over the last 8 years.

  • If we had leaders who understood the true cost of automobile-oriented transportation structures, the role of DOT’s in setting priorities (they shouldn’t), and the nature of healthy urban environments I think I would be so happy I would cry.

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