Bonus Weekend Picture Post

I took these on my way back from my bicycle trip to 34th and Illinois.  This is Pennsylvania Avenue, between 34th and 38th Streets:

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  • I live at 40th and Meridian and ride mybike along this route =frequently to go to 5/3 to bank and friends further south. Although this area to the west of Meridian and Eat of Central is somewhat dilapidated. This street is the excpetion. Those last few pictures are being turned into condos, and those homes have recently been remodeled. It’s amazing what fresh paint and clean windows can do for an area!

  • i just stumbled upon your blog through my G-reader suggestions and was looking back through some old posts. i was quite suprised to see my old apartment building in the 5th picture down — the gold brick on the NW corner of 37th & penn. it was a great place to live for the year i was there if you didn't mind the random gunshots. we have recently moved up the street to 51st and penn and it's a much quieter part of the neighborhood.
    i like your blog so far. i'm glad greader sent me your way!

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