CSA Review

This year we were enrolled in two Community Supported Agriculture programs: Basic Roots and Nature’s Harvest Organics. It has been interesting to see how different they are.

Basic Roots delivers to our door monthly, and specializes in hard-to-find and heirloom products, as well as some other “finished” products such as local cottage cheese, bread, syrup, spice mixes, etc. The quality has been stellar.

Nature’s Harvest is where we get the “basics”, and as the name mentions, it is all organic. They deliver to a pick-up place near our house once a week. Again, good quality products.

The CSA is perhaps the simplest way to find local products, and I am grateful that we have been involved with the process.

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  • Kevin,

    I don’t know if you’ve tried Farm Fresh(or if its even available where you live.) But my wife and I love it, fresh vegetables and some grocery items, delivered to our door once a week.

  • I think I’ve heard of it, but have not tried it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Kevin – Tom Spalding at the Star trying to reach you by phone re: 3 Mass, just to assess your reaction to the impact and scope. I am writing a piece in the print and online editions. My phone is 340-7386 or email me, indystar68@gmail.com — thanks!

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