18th and Montcalm

One of my favorite parts of living in a place with some history is finding buildings that hug street corners , especially ones that are not on major thoroughfares. This first scene is not far outside of downtown, yet it almost seems rural:Believe it or not, a bus comes to this corner, as you can kinda see by the back of the sign on the pole. I saw a bus stop here, so I definitely believe it.

If you’re wondering, the other two corners are empty lots.

I hope to feature more of Indy’s somewhat forgotten corners in the future.

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  • I wish these buildings were still in use instead of crappy strip malls.

  • Did you go check out the aqueduct while you were in the area?!

    Interestingly, I was not too far from this area yesterday, snapping pictures of things for future posts. I came across another building like this one at 26th and Paris. It doesn’t quite hug the curb, but it was a cool little retail building right in the middle of a residential area. There was a store open in at least one of the spaces.

    Unfortunately, I just drove past and didn’t take any pictures. Maybe you can get up there at some point for a future post!

  • Oh, and there was another pair of completely abandoned retail buildings at 28th and Capitol. Those two DO hug the curb.

  • Thanks for the tips Corr! One of the benefits from working with aerial photography for my job is that I can usually spot these little known places. But I was not aware of the one at 26th and Paris.

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