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The latest Indianapolis Monthly has a depressing cover for fans of local food. I haven’t talked much about local food or businesses lately, and this article has re-motivated me. Here’s a few places I’ve been recently that I recommend:

Taiwan Tea House. I have to say that it is the best Chinese place I’ve visited in Indy. I don’t get to Castleton much, but now if I happen to get stuck there I have a go-to place.
Zest. This gem is only a few blocks from my house, and do they ever serve some rocket fuel for coffee. Great breakfasts.
Brugge. Can’t go wrong with quality craft beer, crepes, and fries with 12 dipping sauces.
Sam’s Saloon. What a sweet atmosphere. Former brothel built in 1873 that has been beautifully preserved. Hope they get better beer, though.
Vaquero Chicano. Freshly made chips, right out of the frier. Tacos are the real deal.

And a place to keep an eye on in Fountain Square:
Brass Ring Lounge. Has anyone been there yet?

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  • Awesome post! As I know you know, there's also the amazing 38th street corridor – Machu Picchu, Abyssinia, Saigon & King Wok, Udupi, the grocery Mecca that is Saraga, Cairo Cafe…

    Someone actually said to me the other day that they never go to the westside – argh! There's just so much good food there, that I cannot understand that sort of perspective.

    By the way, I think you've inspired a post at my blog.

  • Thanks. I hope to do this more often

  • La Piedad in Broad Ripple BUT!! You have to order off the Specialties of the House menu, not the standard combination plates. The Carnitas are mouthwatering, the Pollo Loco La Piedad amazing – and I say this as someone who grew up in Arizona and has lived in several food mecca cities since then.

    I’ve been hankering for some good Chinese since the Olympics started, will have to try out Taiwan Tea House.

  • I’ve had the flautas there…really really good.

  • Since I love Zest, and Brugges, I had to try some of your other suggestions.

    We went to the Taiwan Tea House. It was fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation. We’ll be back.

  • I love the subtle flavors, as opposed to most Chinese places that hit you over the head with salty, briny sauces…

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