HOME Project

I’ve recently had the privilege of a conversation with a person involved with a new program in the city to promote green building guidelines. The project is called HOME and it is designed to provide quality green housing(pdf) at affordable prices. The buildings are designed by Tyson Domer of Hundredyear consulting.

As of now, there is one current rehab underway in the SEND neighborhood, as well as two new proposals; one in King Park, the other in Mapleton-Fall Creek. The goal of the program is to incrementally increase its scope, so that eventually they can instill these guidelines on all new construction. Indianapolis is unique in that it has developed its own green building standards. The program wishes to focus on affordability, efficiency, as well as indoor air quality. Applicants receive points for locating within a half-mile from a bus line, which encourages infill projects. They also wish to support current multi-unit LEED projects such as Casa Verde. Mr. Domer’s site also points to the Near Eastside Welcome Center project (pdf).

This is the type of low-key project that could become a calling card for the city in the years to come. There is positive momentum for more infill, with each bump of oil prices. We would do well to standardize this type of quality, efficient development.

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