Great Indy Neighborhoods

There are some newer neighborhood plans up on the Great Indy Neighborhoods site. I encourage readers to check them out. I hope to post more information about this project (as well as some other relevant topics) in the near future. For now, see these plans (they take a few minutes to download).

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  • Hey Kevin, just wanted to let you know that you (or your wife) left your water bottle at MacNivens this afternoon. I went back because I left my coffee cup and they were going to give me both the cup and your bottle. I figured it would be easier for you to just go get the bottle yourself when you have a chance. It’s behind the bar.

    I had a great time today! We should do those forum gatherings more often.

  • Glad I found this blog. I am really over the Urbanophile blog and reading all the insults that people from Louisville, which obviously have several complexes going on about their city compared to Indy or any city for that matter in concerned. I want to read stuff about Indy.

  • Thanks corr! I’ll get the bottle during lunch today.

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