Holy Cross Neighborhood

Last night I got detoured on my route home (I drove to work yesterday because I had to go to the dentist and then run some errands). There was quite a bit of construction on the new interchange at Washington St, so I kept going east down English Avenue. The corner of English and State, as has been mentioned on Property Lines, is brimming with potential. Corners that are fronted by 3 historic multi-use buildings are sadly lacking in Indy, and these look to be in good shape. Then I headed north up State, through the Holy Cross Neighborhood. I must say, it looks better than my last visit a few years ago.

These areas on the near-Eastside are highly underrated. Holy Cross neighborhood may be further helped by the reconstruction of Market Street under I-65 (unfortunately to the detriment of Washington Street). Infill will start to look more and more attractive to the home buyer, as new houses in far-flung regions sit empty due to rising fuel costs. I’m convinced that one of the best places in the city to start redevelopment is the near-Eastside.

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  • You’re totally right. The near-eastside is just brimming with potential. My gf and I looked all over the area in hunting for a house to rent and were quite impressed. We wound up with a duplex in Springdale.

  • Where is the trailers commentary??

  • You couldn’t be more right about that. There have already been some pretty nice infill projects on the near-eastside. It’s probably the most traditionally “urban” part of the city outside downtown, and should be looking pretty attractive to home buyers in the near future.

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