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I’ve been pretty lax with updating the blog lately. Hopefully I can catch up with some of the stuff I have missed.

  • There’s a new market selling local produce in our neighborhood at 54th and the Monon. I’m not sure of the name, but I plan on visiting it and perhaps taking some pictures soon. My wife says that it is run by a chef, which is always a good sign. The strawberries have been quite tasty.
  • Property Lines posts on the Stutz tower, and the latest bit of drama on a condo development in Broad Ripple. Or just read Urbanophile’s post. “Won’t somebody please, think of the children?” Ugh.

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  • Hay Tunk!

    The stand is called Locally Grown Produce, owned and operated by Ron Harris. He comes from the family that owns and operates MCL cafeterias. His resume is pretty extensive as an executive chef for different outfits.

    My wife and I have stopped a few times and have been extremely happy every time with the quality of the produce.

    Chef Harris is striving to provide produce which is grown in Indiana, with a few wonderful exceptions from beyond our borders.

    I enthusiastically recommend the stand and encourage others to take advantage of it.

  • Thanks fro. Good to hear some background info.

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