Going Solar

Indiana Living Green Magazine has an article about Solar products for home use. It has some good pointers, as well as the people to contact if you’re looking into this option like I am. I might even put my $600 refund check from the government towards installation. Have any of the readers tried a solar panel? Should I wait until the price comes down more, and the technology improves? Solar-powered water heaters are all over Turkey, so it’s not really a new concept, but it is out of the norm for this country.

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  • I am also interested in learning more. I have to admit, I’m more of a capitalist than an environment so until it makes sense for my wallet, I probably won’t commit.

    I’d love to know the payback timeline…if it even exists.

  • I’ve considered a small personal solar setup — the kind that they say could run your TV for the evening, not power your house. I like it for the gadgetiness and the environment benefit.

    Unfortunately, it makes zero sense for me. (a) I live in an apartment, (b) all my windows face north and (c) the startup costs are substantial.

  • Phil,

    If you are really serious about energy independence, reducing your carbon footprint, hedging against future hyperinflation in carbon-based energy costs (think carbon cap and trade, new emissions laws, exploding world demand) or doing your part to clean the air on behalf of your loved ones with asthma, then an investment in alternative energy may make sense for you. Compared to a swimming pool or a home cinema room, an RV, a bigger ski boat or that third car, the return on investment makes more sense for your wallet, especially if you take state and federal tax incentives into consideration.

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