Encouraging stuff on Mass Transit (update)

Over on Skyscraper City, the indispensable Cory Wilson has posted a beautiful nugget on Mass Transit here in Indianapolis. It looks like they are taking the most obvious route for now: down the Nickel Plate line, and ending in Union Station. (An anecdote: At the meeting I attended for Mass Transit, I was sitting next to an older gentleman. When the presenter mentioned that the city will need to locate the station downtown. He turned to me and said “how about Union Station?” I certainly agreed with that.) I’m glad that Mayor Ballard has turned his interest in this direction after some early signs that scared most of us urbanists. 2011 (the projected launch of the rail line) can not get here soon enough.

Confirmation on the Star.

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  • Using an already-built line is pretty “green”. You just need some sidings for passing, and the last mile or two of track replaced (was ripped up south of about 28th St.).

    And there’s already a line that goes out West Washington to the Airport.

    So a couple of miles of rail, a new spur to the airport terminal, and some rolling stock.

    WAY less than a billion bucks.

  • …and don’t forget TOD at 62nd and Allisonville, 49th and Keystone, 38th and Fall Creek, 16th and Monon, and at Union Station.

  • 16th and Monon:

    The Martindale on the Monon developers have got to be downright giddy about the prospect of a transit coming right through their development.

  • corrnd: Transit was anticipated in the 2004 16th St. Plan.

    Consultants for the plan: DCI, the developers of Martindale on the Monon.

  • Good comments as usual, both of you…

    Why don’t you have a blog yet Thunder?

  • Hahaha, nice. Thanks for the info thunder!

  • Kevin, there are already good blogs and boards covering places and things I’m interested in (and somewhat knowledgeable about). This is one of ’em and I’m glad you and others take the time and devote the effort to providing the forum and discussion starters. I don’t think I could do as well.

  • Too bad it won’t pass through Keystone @ the crossing and the Glendale Mall area…

  • anon,

    One would hope that CIRTA and IndyGo would see the wisdom in creating stops with frequent short-loop crosstown collector/shuttles on 82nd, 62nd, 38th and 16th since there are major employment centers along those streets.

  • Oops, hit send too fast.

    The 82nd/86th loop could serve Castleton over to Keystone Crossing; the 62nd loop could serve Glendale and BR; 38th could tie everything as far over as Lafayette Square; 16th could get Methodist (and by Peoplemover, IUPUI). These would be shuttles similar to the Red Line, running frequent circulator routes coordinated with train schedules.

  • 2011 doesn’t seem to far off to wait for such a cool project. By the way, thanks for adding us to your link list. We have returned the favor.

  • Encouraging indeed!

    Perhaps it is time to fast-forward to the past? We had an extensive system in place a century ago.

    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indiana_Railroad

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