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Back from a bachelor party road trip to Memphis. A good time was had by all. I liked that Memphis’ Main Street was restricted to trolleys and pedestrians. Their downtown was more pedestrian friendly than Indy, as the streets were narrower and sidewalks were wider. There weren’t a lot of people out and about, however, which makes me wonder if anyone actually lives there. I did not see much of a bicycle presence or infrastructure.

Some stuff I missed:

  • A new mixed-use proposal by Buckingham north of the Stokely building on Meridian.
  • Oil is now brushing $120 a barrel, a height that was unthinkable just a year ago. Our current national plan to deal with this is….what, exactly?
  • IPL is developing a wind farm in Benton County. It is expected to be operational by next year.

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  • My new pet peeve is high gas prices being referred to as the “problem at the pump.” It would probably be political suicide, but I’d love for Obama to start referring to it as the “new reality at the pump.” Oh well, at least he’s against needlessly suspending the gas tax.

  • I completely agree. Obama won’t say what should be obvious: that the world’s oil supply is no longer rising to meet demands. Too many of us want to continue living in the bubble.

    That gas tax “vacation” thing is blatant pandering, and I’m very glad that Obama didn’t take the easy road out there. Even this stance might cost him some votes.

    I don’t wanna get too political on this blog, but this election is absolutely critical to the future of this country.

  • I don’t know if you’ve seen this Kevin, but this bike rental idea is so cool. Imagine how popular something like that could be with the Monon, even if you just provided stations at 10th St., Broad Ripple and Carmel.

  • I really like the bike sharing idea in Copenhagen, where you put in a coin, and then get your coin back when you lock it up somewhere else.

    Since this is just now happening in a couple of our most urban areas, give Indy another 10 years or so. Sadly.

  • It takes a lot of years (similar to developing a new drug) to bring new oil and gas reserves on line. Believe me, $100-120 per barrel will call out new supplies that were not economically feasible at $30-60 per barrel.

  • Absolutely Thunder. We’re flying through the stuff that’s easiest to get out of the ground and refine. Now we move on to more resource intensive fields.

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