Basic Roots Stash

My Fiancee has enrolled us in 2 CSA’s, one of which comes straight to our door each month for the entire year. It’s called Basic Roots, and it’s pretty cool. Pictured above are:
  • Eggs From Redwine Farms in Westfield
  • Ida Red Apples from Tuttle’s Orchard in Greenfield
  • JT’s honey from here in Indy
  • Strawberry Preserves from Waterman’s in Indy
  • Mushroom Pate from Spencer
  • Frozen tomatoes from Redwine
  • Leafy Lettuce from Yeager Farms in Fairland
  • Spring Radishes from Yeager
  • Roasted Cornmeal from Hoover’s in Williamsport
  • Cooking Wine from NY
  • Unidentifiable fruit. Looks to be a grapefruit or orange? This is a mystery because it is not listed in their flyer. There was an item listed in the flyer that we did not recieve, so they must have thrown in this fruit as penance.
  • Also included are recipes

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