Local Sustainability Conference tomorrow

This blog has been a bit lax on the reporting of upcoming conferences and events. I intend to make amends. Perhaps I need to add an events feed on the right side of the blog like on Streetsblog? Please let me know if this is of interest to you and I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, there’s a conference tomorrow at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on Local Sustainability. I have decided that I should attend.

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  • How was the conference? I had other plans and couldn’t attend.

    Was this the first? Is it an annual event? How large was it(exhibitors, attendees)? Was the tone one of zealotry and dogma, or more one of education and choice?

  • It was pretty decent. I hadn’t heard of the event before but I think they have had it in the past. Apparently they lowered the entrance fee so that more people could attend. A good idea.

    I’d say there were about 300-400 people there, and about 20 exhibitors. I was afraid it was going to be too zealous at the beginning, as you mention, but I found a good part of it informative. The best may have been the 2 gentlemen who have been living off the grid for a few years in rural areas, and they talked about the trials and tribulations (and expense) with that. Not something I’m going to try here in the city, even though I still would like solar water heating.

    I also enjoyed the opportunity to get to know some local farmers. I find it pretty neat that there’s a 3/4 acre lot on the east side near the Woman’s Prison that is farmed by a few people. There is plenty of vacant land around where this could be tried, and fortunately this on is a spot where the soil has not been significantly contaminated.

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