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A few updates:

  • The renewable energy bill in the State Legislature has been rejected. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. David Crooks, refused to make concessions to the coal industry.
  • A sizable project at 49th and College has been approved. I have mixed feelings about this, as the property has two four-squares and a bungalow that would be removed, as well as several mature trees. However, at least it doesn’t hide behind a parking lot, and I like the density. I have not seen a recent rendering, as they have actually added another story to the building.
  • Article about high-speed rail in Indiana. It still sounds like it’s a long way from reality.
  • This year’s Carfree Cities conference is in Portland, Oregon, which is the first time it will be held on U.S. soil. I’m thinking of attending. I wonder how long it would take to get there by train? A week? UPDATE: Looked at the AMTRAK site, and there’s actually a train from Chicago to Portland that takes only 2 days. Hmmm….

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  • The Carreau project is really interesting. I agree that the removal of the trees and homes is quite regrettable. However, Carreau did do a really good job restoring the building at the southwest corner of 49th & College so this makes me hopeful. I am interested in seeing a new rendering b/c something in the elevations felt odd. The best part is the sidewalk fronted orientation of the building that I wish more projects had.

  • I believe the developer wanted to help Indy compete with Carmel. Now does that sound weird or what? But I understand what he means. I was in Carmel on Monday and they have a ton of new buildings similar to this proposal.

  • Yes, Kevin, that does sound weird. Does someone really believe that all of the Northside should look like Carmel (or Lockerbie, or West Clay, or Avon) to save it from “blight”? So the “right” people will want to live there, maybe??

    Should College Ave. become a “live-work” strip all the way from 38th to Broad Ripple, or should the corner nodes be preserved with freestanding single, double, or apartment housing between the nodes?

    Conversion to commercial is already happening from Kessler to Broad Ripple Ave., but by conversion or replacement of existing structures (the new ONB replaced a nursing home on the same site, the Chase drive thru replaced the old BRAC, etc.) and not by assembly of strip parcels.

    I’m not anti-density. Up in BR Village, things should start going up…and they have. But I think it’s too soon for this part of College.

  • I agree thunder. You’ve been a good addition to the discussion here. Glad you’ve hopped on here.

    There is a new 3 story building in Broad Ripple that I would like to photograph and put on here for review. I now have a digital camera, so photo blogs should start becoming more common on this site.

  • I look forward to your photo posts!

    As crazy as it sounds, at one point I had high hopes of trying to provide regular photo updates, sans commentary, of essentially every major downtown project. I’ve since realized that, unless I quit my day job, that’s a grossly unrealistic goal.

    I hope it’ll be a little easier once the weather warms up in the spring, as it’s really tough to get out and snap pictures when it’s 14F out.

  • Yes, I missed a golden opportunity yesterday when I forgot the camera on my trip to Broad Ripple. It was pretty warm. I don’t know how I feel about the new 3-story building. It looks kinda mish-mashed together. I need experts to tell me how I should feel about it :p.

  • LOL Kevin. Last week I drove past the building I think you’re talking about…the one on 65th St. that was a steel skeleton for about 5-10 years.

    At first glance, it looks to me as if it belongs in the French Quarter.

    But it does complement the bulk of an older nearby building that is two or three stories elevated above parking and the nearby 3-story apartments. It signals that new infill will be multi-story.

  • Actually I haven’t really seen the one you’re talking about, although I know where it is. This one is on Westfield next to the Monon Coffee Company.

  • Geez, I really should get to the old neighborhood more often. Last time I was past the site you’re talking about (former home of Broad Ripple Refinishing) it was scraped but nothing was built.

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