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Some links for the last day of 2007:

  • A story from a few months ago on a rehabilitation of a large building at 34th and Central known as Constitution Gardens. I have not seen this mentioned elsewhere, but I believe it’s quite significant. I drive past it often on my way to work, and it could be an attractive property.
  • High-quality historical pictures of Indy from the Skyscraper City Forum. We must not forget what has been lost.
  • IBJ’s outgoing article with Mayor Peterson. Peterson mentions that the Indy Greenprint would have been a major focal point for this term. I can only hope that this will continue with the new mayoral team.

Comments 2

  • Constitution Gardens used to be a really attractive property until the previous owner hacked down a dozen or so huge mature trees several years back.

  • Yes, I remember driving past that. I let out a gasp. Those trees were sweet. Still, it’s good that they are renovating the building.

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