New Casa Verde Projects

Indy’s first green builder, Casa Verde, has released some new projects on their website. They include:

  • A renovated apartment building at 22nd and Broadway. There will be 11 low-moderate income units, as well as 2 at market rate.
  • Jackson Place townhomes in Columbus.
  • A retail center at 22nd and Delaware. I have heard from a person formerly involved with the project that “strip mall” is a misnomer and it will be built up to the sidewalk. This project looks quite green.
  • A medical office in Haughville.

I wish their projects the greatest success.

Photo: Casa Verde, LLC

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  • I am really impressed by the Casa Verde projects and am happy they are leading the way in terms sustainable building and design in Indy.

    On another note – i can’t find any information on the retail center planned for 22nd and Delaware.

  • Good for Casa Verde doing the 22nd and Delaware project. Did they take over that project or was it theirs from the beginning? I remember coming across some renderings a year or so ago and while it was built to the sidewalk with a single row of parking in the rear, it looked like a very generic design. I can’t find them anymore but I hope they spruced it up.

  • Thanks for the comments. Here’s what I know about 22nd and Delaware from Joe Shoemaker:

    “It’ll be a neighborhood retail center. I’m not sure of the final tenant mix, but plans are to have the local CDC’s office there, too.”

    I would also be interested in some renderings, Corr. I imagine they just took over recently.

  • I love the building; glad to see someone is working on it.

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