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Friday links:

  • Indygo introduces the Green Line express shuttle from downtown to the airport. This is something I’ve wanted for a while.
  • Shout-out to the Green-Lemonade blog, which deserves more traffic. I really like their “green gift” ideas as well as the challenge they took a while ago to only eat local food for a month. One of the 2 bloggers lives here in Indy.
  • An update (pdf warning) in the Urban Times about the new Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful headquarters in Fountain Square. An anonymous donor saved the day.

Comments 2

  • Thanks so much for the mention! I should note that while we continually seek out local foods, and incorporated at least one all local meal each week for more than a month, we only went strictly 100% local for a week. This was the first year that we attempted this, so next year we will probably challenge ourselves to do it for longer.

  • No problem. Well, either a month or a week, it’s still harder than it should be to eat nothing but local food.

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