Photo Blog: Fletcher Place

I finally used up the last of my traditional film. The quality isn’t stellar, and I took these shots too early in the day, but it was a first try. Hopefully I can get better and start using a digital camera. Anyways, I love Fletcher Place. This is just a small sample of the quality historic architecture in the neighborhood.

First, the old bank on the left has been converted to the International Tea and Coffee. Nice spot:

Next, I move across Virginia Avenue. I’m a sucker for bay windows with flower boxes”

I’m not sure what to think of this newer development, but at least they are unique:

I don’t really know the story behind this building, but it’s handsome:

One of the most dramatic church placements in the city, at the corner of Virginia and Fletcher. The church is being converted to condos:

I like the symmetry of this apartment building on Fletcher:

An old grocery store at College and Lexington. I’d like to see what’s behind that siding some day.

The building that houses the Dugout bar looks straight out of Chicago to me:

They weren’t afraid to build sharp angles right up to the sidewalk back in the day:

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  • I’m with you on the chicago/dugout tip 100%. Basically Fletcher Place is a very mini chicago ‘hood to me. I really like those newer condo developments. They fit right in.. across the street (behind the BMV) is a really awesome house that has a great modern design.

  • I like how compact everything is. That awesome church is just a few feet from a sweet Victorian house. Since this neighborhood is just a few feet from Eli Lilly it’s just itching for more quality infill.

  • i love it here ….there is few odds and ends need here but everything is close by ….

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