New Businesses Popping Up

It’s a good time to be an entrepreneur in Indy. In the last few months, the Mass Ave, Fountain Square, and Fletcher Place neighborhoods have welcomed new businesses, and the openings keep coming. Here’s a short list of places that I’m familiar with:

  • Chatham Tap, 719 Mass Ave. A British-style pub.
  • Arts a Poppin, 653 Mass Ave. Art and craft shop.
  • 2 more businesses on Mass Ave are yet to open, one a furniture place called Euroloft, another a designer clothing store in the new Beilouny building.
  • International Tea & Coffee, at the corner of Virginia and College.
  • Cognizant Coffee, 1112 E Prospect
  • Joe’s Cycles, 1060 Virginia Ave.

There are also others mentioned in this Star article that I’m not familiar with. If anyone knows of any other new places please post and I’ll add them. I wish these new places success.

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